Transhipment services

We offer Transhipment of Containers, Bulk Goods

  • Containers, tank containers, semi-trailers, swap bodies, (possibility of technical control);
  • Bulk goods (coal, coke, anthracite);
  • Bulk goods from Hopper type bottom-load wagons (salt, pellets, grain);
  • Metallurgical products;
  • Pig iron;
  • Glass;
  • Packaged and loose wood (pulpwood);
  • Palletized goods, in big bags, bags;
  • Liquid chemical products transported in tanks, including heated ones.

We carry out transhipments in various direct and indirect relations (through storage yards and warehouses):

    • wide-track wagon – standard-track wagon;
    • wide/standard-track wagon – vehicle;
    • vehicle – vehicle.

Transhipment capacity of “Euroterminal Sławków” Sp. z o.o.         





284 k TEU/year

Metallurgical products

380 000 tons

Palletized goods

200 000 tons

Bulk goods (coal, coke, anthracite)

2 000 000 tons

 Bulk goods (salt, biomass, grain)

365 000 tons

Transhipments are carried out with the use of overhead cranes, cranes, excavators, loaders. We have two transhipment points for unloading bulk goods (pellets, salt, grain) from Hopper type bottom-load wagons to vehicles.

In order to ensure quantitative control of loads, we have truck and rail scales at our disposal.

Customs services
  • Performing customs clearance in the product approval procedure,
  • Performing customs clearance in the export procedure,
  • Performing customs clearance in economic procedures Customs clearance in economic procedures (inward processing, outward processing, temporary clearance, customs warehousing procedure),
  • Performing customs clearance in transit,
  • Lending a general guarantee for customs duties, which enables faster and trouble-free collection of goods,
  • Paying on behalf of our clients customs and tax liabilities related to the declaration of goods before the Customs Office,
  • Completion of TIR Carnets (including their submission to the NCTS system) and CMR consignment notes,
  • Issue of certificates of origin, EUR.1 and FORM A documents,
  • Filing of appeals and other applications to be examined by the customs authorities,
  • Application for permits, advice on customs matters,
  • Storage of goods in our customs warehouse,
  • Possibility of depositing goods in a customs deposit on the premises of Euroterminal at a place recognized for customs operations.


Storage services

We offer storage services:

Of containers –  transshipment and storage are carried out on a container plate with an area of 33,725 m2 and additionally on a 5,600 m2 buckle container plate. The total area for storage and transhipment of containers is 39,325 m2. 

Characteristics of the container plate Unit Value
Total area m2 39 325
Number of storage layers Qty 5
2 gantry cranes t 40/50
3 reach stackers with load capacity t 40
TEU storage capacity pcs 3 500
Izoterm connections pcs 90


  Of palletized goods, in big bags, sacks, etc. – For our customers we have covered warehouses with a total area of 8 500 m2.

Stock unit Parameters

Universal warehouse Warehouse with an area of 2 660 m2 with normal- and wide-track rail ramps, and vehicle docks. Capacity of 1,780 Euro pallets – possibility of accepting 12 wagons with pallets and releasing at least 576 pallets per day to vehicles. This allows us to load 50 TIRs per day.

no 2
Warehouse with an area of 4 860 m2 with normal- and wide-track rail ramps, and vehicle docks.

Main warehouse 2 with a capacity of 200 Euro pallets

Light warehouse – aluflex 600 m2 with a capacity of 350 Euro pallets


 Metallurgical products


Covered storage site Covered storage site with an area of 3,600 m2 with two overhead cranes with Q=25t.
Open storage site 2.


Of bulk goods – we have storage yards for our customers for temporary storage of bulk materials (coal, coke, anthracite, salt) and the provision of sorting and crushing services. The storage area for bulk materials is approximately ok. 110 000 m2.

Other services
  • Container stowage (filling and emptying containers);
  • Technical assessment and suitability for foodstuffs;
  • Minor repairs of containers;
  • Basic cleaning;
  • Shipowner’s depot;
  • Possibility of crushing, sorting, mixing loose bulk goods;
  • Weighing of wide-track wagons, normal-track wagons, vehicles;
  • Acceptance and dispatch of goods for transport;
  • Organization of combined transport;
  • Full terminal service;
  • Delivery/return of loading units at the customer’s request;
  • Freight forwarding services domestically and abroad;
  • Installation of flexi-tanks


Railways connections

Connections executed by MAERSK Polska Sp. z o.o..:
Sławków – Gdańsk DCT and v.v – 7 times a week

Connections executed by CLIP intermodal Sp. z o.o..:
Sławków – Gdańsk  DCT przez Swarzedz  and v.v – 2 times a week

Connections executed by STANTE LOGISTICS:
Sławków – Maddaloni and v.v. – 4 times a week

Connections executed by HUPAC:
Sławków – Schwarzheide and v.v. – 2 times a week

Rail connections in dispersed traffic with CIS countries.
Additionally, Euroterminal Sławków offers container trucking services.